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Munich (München MVV)

Map:Classic Urban Rail (U-/S-Bahn) Map

Fares: P2P Schedules and ticket prices can be accessed from nearly every page of the MVV website. Day tickets (Tageskarten) are valid all day long for unlimited rides on all modes of transportation in the designated zone(s) as shown on the Urban Rail Map. Note that a Partner Tageskarte (€9,80) for the inner zone is less than a round trip for two (€2,50 pP each way = €10,00) within that zone. Almost everything worth seeing in Munich is in the inner zone. Dachau is outside the inner zone and requires a Muenchen XXL Tageskarte.

ZoneSinglePartner (2-5 P)

Augsburg (AVV)

Website: (German Language Only)

Map:Tariff zone map (Inner zones are 10 & 20 on map)

Single tickets: Fare Table
Day Tickets:

ZonesDayTicket Price (Family/Single)
Inner (10 & 20)€6,75/€5,40
The Family-Ticket is valid for one adult and up to 6 children (6-15 incl years).

Regensburg (RVV)

Website: (German Language Only)

Fares zones/track plan

Fares:Tages-Tickets are valid all day long for at least one person. After 9 AM weekdays, a Tages-Ticket + is valid for up to two people (for a 1-8 zones Tages-Ticket + it is valid for up to 5 people). The Tages-Ticket +4 is valid on weekends (Sat, Sun, Holidays) for up to five people.

ZonesTages-Ticket +Tages-Ticket +4
1 - 2€4,00*€3,50
1 - 4€8,00€4,50
1 - 7€11,00€8,00
1 - 9€15,00€11,00
€5,50 if purchased on a bus.

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