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Reading station schedules

The picture on the right shows what you will see in one of the vertical glass dispay cases that are located on every train platform. This one is in Aulendorf, in Baden-Württemberg.

Train arrivals (Ankunft) are on the white sheet. Don't worry about them (unless you are picking someone up); you're already there.

The "mustard colored sheet on the left shows departures (Abfahrt) from the station. Notice that it is divided into hour long blocks with the hours in the black headers.
The picture on the left shows the time block for 12 noon (12.00). Below the black header with 12.00 are all the trains leaving that station from 12:00 to 12:59.
The picture to the right shows the detail of train number RE21208 leaving the station at 12:47. Notice that its ultimate destination, in bold at the bottom, is Freiburg, at 16:18. The first five stops are all shown, with times. After the "target symbol, only major stops are shown.

The train leaves from track 3.