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Offers of German Rail

Offers for Express Trains (ICE, IC, EC

Standard fare There are several things you should know about standard fare tickets.


Cost of reservation(s), 1st or 2nd class
Type of reservationSingleFamily
w/ or w/o ticket, online or at counter€4,00€8,00
Reservations are for one train and one additional train in the same direction.

Discount fares

Roundtrip Sparpreis (25 & 50) More on Sparpreis at

One-way Sparpreis (former Dauer-Spezial)

More on Dauer-Spezial (in German) at

There are a number of Freizeit-Tickets available. They are all for a round trip in a single day (midnight morning until 3 AM the following day) on any trains (express allowed, no specific train required), between two specified cities at a greatly reduced price. Tickets are always available and can be purchased online or from ticket Automats. They can also be purchased at a ticket counter for a €5 fee for personal service.

Hamburg & Rostock Köln & Mainz/Wiesb.
Hamburg & Bremen
Hamburg & Hannover
Trier & Köln
München & Salzburg

Offers for Regional trains

Happy Weekend Ticket: this ticket costs €40 and is valid for up to 5 people (all for €40, total) on all regional trains (IRE, RE, RB, and S-Bahn) in Germany, all day long, Saturday or Sunday or Holidays, from midnight until 3 AM the following morning. This ticket is something like the Länder-Tickets, except it is valid for all travel, even across Land borders.

Like the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket except for weekdays after 9 AM. First person pays €42, €6 for each additional person up to 5.

Group discounts
For six or more people traveling together.

Travel to the Czech Republic
German Rail and the state of Bavaria offer several promotons for travel in the Czech Repubic. (more)