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Nürnberg (VGN)

Includes Rothenburg o.d.T. and Dinkelsbühl

Website: (English language option has limited information. Query table for timetable and fares available on the homepage.)

System Rail Map
Area Map without rail lines
Zone map

Fares: Day tickets: Solo (1 person) or Plus (up to 6 people, 2 adults max) all day long on weekdays, or all weekend long.

Nürnberg, Würth, & Stein€4,00€6,80
Entire area€14,70€14,70

Würzburg VVM

(Verkehrsunternehmens-Verbund Mainfranken)
VVM comprises a triangular district opposite the NE corner of Baden-Württemberg, of which the city of Würzburg is in the approximate center.


Map: Tariff zone map
Timetable: Schedule info
Tariff: table

Price Level (zones)Single ride ticketDayTicket Single DayTicket Family
1 (1) €2,20€4,45€9,00 (2)
(1) Virtually everything (Hbf, Festung Marienberg, and the Residenz) in Würzburg is in zone 100, the inner "Großwabe". A single ride ticket allows you one trip between any two stops in that zone. A day ticket allows you unlimited rides in that zone from the time you stamp (entwerten) it until 3 AM the following morning, or, from a Saturday, also including Sunday and any following holiday.
(2) A DayTicket Family is valid for two adults and up to 4 children.