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Land: Bavaria

This website has layouts, including photographs, of stations all over Bavaria at Stationsdatenbank.
Unfortunately, it is no longer available in English.

Pass: Bayern-Ticket, Bayern-Ticket-Single

Price: €29 for 2-5 people, €21 for a single person

The Bayern-Ticket is valid for unlimited rides on regional trains throughout Bavaria. It is also valid for all conveyances (S-/U-Bahn, streetcar, and buses) in the Verkehrsverbünde (Munich MVV, Nürnberg VGN, Würzburg, Regensburg, etc) throughout Bavaria, as well as for buses of the RVO (RegionalVerkehr Oberbayern) and the RVA (RegionalVerkehr Allgäu).

Map of Pass Validity
This map is 1.4 MB and may take a while to load. If you think you will refer to it often, it might be worth saving it to your computer.
Note on the map, Salzburg, Kufstein, and Ulm are outside Bavaria, but are considered "border stations" and the pass is valid to them. The pass is also valid outside Bavaria on the Ausserfernbahn, the section of rail line through the Tirol, from Pfronten to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, as well as on the stretch from Memmingen through Kißlegg in Baden-Württemburg to Hergatz.

Offers of Bavaria

This offer is for unlimited use of regional trains (2nd class) and RVO buses in the Werdenfels district. See here for additional routes and conditions.

RVO (RegionalVerkehr Oberbayern) buses.
The website for RVO is entirely in German and, even it you know the language, somewhat "user-hostile", but it does have schedules for buses all over Upper Bavaria. They offer a day-long ticket for €9,00 per person, valid for unlimited rides on RVO buses. You could use it, for example, to go from Oberammergau to Hohenschwangau to see the castles and return. There is no 9 AM limit.

Verkehrsverbünde in Bavaria