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Karlsruhe (KVV)


Map: System map

Fares: KVV is divided into zones (see tariff map). Fares are according to zones passed through. The central area counts as two zones, except only one zone for trip originating at the Hbf and going to Ettlingen, Abtal, and Malsch. Day tickets, CityKarte (1 person) or CityKarte Plus (up to 5 people), are valid in Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden for 24 hours from the time of cancellation. There are also day tickets for an expanded area with includes Pforzheim and Greudenstadt.

ZonesSingle tripCityKarteCityKarte Plus
City (up to 3 zones)up to €2,50€4,20€6,50
Entire netup to €5,00€7,30€12,00

Neckar-Alb-Donau (NALDO)

Website: (No English except timetable info)

Map: System map

Naldo is divided into Waben (or zones, see tariff map). Fares are according to zones passed through.

ZonesSingle trip (adult)TageskarteTageskarte Gruppe
5 and up (entire net)€6,40€12,80€15,50
All Tageskarten are valid for the entire day on weekends. The single person Tageskarte is the same price as a round trip and is valid everyday for the entire day.
Tageskarte gruppe is for up to five people, or four people and one dog, and is only valid after 8:30 on weekdays .
Max travel time equals number of zones, i.e., 1 hours in one zone, 2 hours in 2 zones, etc.

Stuttgart (VVS) (English option)

Map: System map


ZonesSingle tripTagesticketGruppen Tagesticket
6 and up (entire net)€6,50€12,00€15,80
Gruppentageskarten are for 5 people, regardless of age, or for one or both parents and all their children under 18.
Click here for more on the Verkehrverbünde in Baden-Württemberg.