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Schedules and Fares
Advanced Connections

This is what you get when you click "Search connection" with the information shown on the (previous, advanced) query page.

  1. The top part, "Travel data", shows 2 adults, 2 children, as well as the date and time of the "Outward journey" and of the "Return journey".
  2. Three outward journeys are shown. To select one of them and proceed to the Return journey, click "Choose return trip".

This is the page that appears when you choose an Outward journey by clicking on the link, "Choose return trip", following it.

  1. Select "Purchase" after the desired return journey to purchase a full fare ticket. A full fare ticket is €89 per person, each way, or €356 total. The two under 15 children ride for free on full fare.
  2. The Savings fare, in this case, is a Sparpreis fare, for which there are a limited quantity sold. Select "Check availability" to see if there are still tickets available.
  3. In this case, the Savings fare is a Sparpreis 50 (RT, Saturday night stay, 3 day advance purchase) fare. With this fare, the first person pays half (½ of €178 RT, €89, and each additional "Mitfahrer" (co-traveler), up to four, pays half of that, €44,50. Since the under 15 children are still free, the total is €89 + €44,50, = €133,50.
To see what you get when you select "Check availability", click here.