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MVV Automats, Page 1

<-- To the left is an MVV ticket automat found in an S-Bahn station in Poing, in zone 2 of the MVV. It is similar in layout and operation to the Nahverkehr automat.
Below is a closer look at the destination shield. The top area shows which single trip ticket (Einzelfahrkarte, 2 Zonen) or the Tageskarte (München XXL) to buy to go from here into the Innenraum (Inner zone) of Munich. The next area gives a list of stations outside of Munich itself (Innenraum), but still in the MVV, along with the number of zones needed for a single trip ticket or the Tageskarte level (Innenraum, XXL, Aussenraum, or Gesamtnetz) needed to travel to that station. The bottom area gives the number code of stations of the Bahn outside of the MVV and the numeric code to enter from the keypad - just like on a Nahverkehr automat.

Click here to see a detail of the buttons.