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Finding accommodations in Germany
Page 3: Individual Host Information

Here is a piece of the listing I got after I selected Pension in Oberammergau. In this case it shows all of the rooms, with price range, in Gästehaus Richter (where I stayed last October).

The name Gästehaus Richter is a link to a page gives specifics about Gästehaus Richter, including a link to her webpage and her email address. Although her website is only in German, she does speak pretty good English and could respond to an English request for accommodations.

The previous information is typical of a search for accommodations on town website. They are all a little different, but once you know the terms, you can muddle through.

One word of caution. Where Americans tend to write for information, Germans go straight to reservations, so there is a tendency for the Gastgeber to make the reservation based on your request for information only, and then wonder why you never showed up. Make sure it is clear in your request when you only want information.