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Finding accommodations in Germany
Page 2: Host search, host listing

This is similar to the search on the homepage, except it gives you more options, like specifying, say, five days (darin Nächte:) out of a ten day period, if you are flexible. Anzahl Erwachsene is number of adults and Anzahl Kinder is the number of children. Unterkunftsart is type of Accommodations (Hotel, etc). Anzahl lets you select the number of one type of room (Einzelzimmer=single room or Doppelzimmer=double room) and Ort allow you to select Oberammergau itself or one of the surrounding towns.

Under Gastgeber Verzeichnis you can look at all of a certain type of accommodation in Oberammergau, whether or not they might be available at that time.

Click here to see the result of a search of the entire Gastgeber Verzeichnis in Oberammergau.