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How to get in from the airport

The Munich Flughafen S-Bahn station is under the Munich Airport Center between the two terminals. You'll probably arrive at Terminal 2. You'll exit the terminal building into a large covered open area. At the other end is the Munich Airport Center. Walk across the open area and look for the green circle with a white 'S' symbol. You'll go down steps or an escalator into the station.
In the station there are two tracks, S8 (left) and S1 (right). They go different routes into town, but take about the same time. Whichever one leaves next will get you into the Hbf soonest.

Click on the picture for more information about the station.
On the platform in the station will be a ticket automat. On the RH side are two columns of buttons. The fourth yellow button down on the RH column is labeled "Partner-Tageskarte, Gesamtnetz". If you are going into Munich to spend the night, or longer, or you are leaving immediately on an express train (ICE, IC, EC), this is the ticket you want. That ticket is valid for travel by 2-5 people on the S-Bahn to the Hbf and for any other conveyances (S-/U-Bahn, streetcars, and buses) anywhere in Munich the rest of the day.

Click on picture for a closeup of the buttons.

Push the button and the display will show "€18,80". Put in a €20 note and it will give you change.

If you are going to the Hbf and then onward on a regional train (RE or RB), and staying within Bavaria, a €28 Bayern-Ticket will cover your travel in from the airport and on any regional train in Bavaria for the day.

You can also get complete information on the Bayern-Ticket from, but it is only in German. There is also some information in English under Länder-Tickets on the DB website, but it is not complete.

Lufthansa Bus
There is also a "Luftahansa" bus from the airport to town (I put Lufthansa in quotation marks, because the bus is actually run by Autobus Oberbayern) . It takes about the same amount of time from the airport to the Hbf as the S-Bahn, but it only leaves once every 20 minutes instead of twice in 20 minutes, so you will probably wait longer, and it is at the mercy of traffic delays.

The Lufthansa bus is almost always more expensive than the train, but you do have the advantage (if it means anything to you) of having your luggage under the bus instead of with you. In a few cases, such as no more than 2 persons buying round trip tickets and not requiring any other use of public transportation that day, the bus is a little less. Remember, with the Gesamtnetz Tageskarte all of your travel by conveyances of the MVV for the rest of the day is covered. The bus includes only transportation to the bus stop. On the bus, a child's fare is less.

The one case where the bus saves time and travel, is if you are using one of the hotels near Nordfriedhof (North Cemetery) near Englisher Garten. The bus stops there on the way to the Hbf.

The prices for the Lufthansa bus are:
Adult fareChild fare
One way10,505,50
Round trip17,00No RT price