Denver to Europe

Denver chapter of Fans of the Wall

Denver Fans of the Wall is a once monthly get-together of readers and contributers to the ETBD Grafitti Wall. We get together to:

  1. Swap stories about European travel
  2. Exchange information about traveling in Europe
  3. Provide a place for departing and returning travelers to exchange Euro

The third saturday in November is the 20th. The October meeting will be at 10 AM on Saturday, November 20, 2010.

As usual, it will be at Panera Bread in Aspen Grove (So. end of SW Light Rail line). Come, enjoy a cup of coffee and a bagel, or they have great sandwiches, and meet some of your fellow contributors. Bring your laptop - free wifi. contact me

Here is my picture so you will recognize me.
(I ought to be holding a number at the bottom)
May attendees (left to right)
Frank (Centennial) Parrish, Arnold Castellino, Charlene Bresadola, and Suzanne Saunders

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