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Using the Bahn Shop

The Bahn website provides convenient links to purchase standard fare, point to point tickets and discounted Europa-Spezial and Sparpreis tickets. It will even allow you to buy Länder-Tickets, like the Bayern-Ticket online, for home printing. However, less common tickets, like the Bayern-Bömen-Ticket, have to be bought through the Bahn ticket shop, which is in German.

Click on the following link to get the start page of the Bahn shop.

In the box titled "Ihr Warenkorb" (Your shopping cart), "Angebotsnamen" should be selected. Type in the offer, Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket (as I have in red). If you don't know how to make an ö, hold down the <alt> key and type 0246 on the numeric keypad. For more on typing umlauts, click here.
Click "Suche starten" (start search).

The next page comes up with two kinds of tickets, the Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket, for 2-5 people, for €34, and the Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket Single, for one person.

Click "Bestellen" (order) after the one you want.

The next page asks you for the day you want to travel. Remember European date format.

Click "In den Warenkorb" (Into the shopping cart)

This is your chance to review what's in your shopping cart. If it OK, click "Zur Kasse" (to checkout).

Unless you already have a username and password with the Bahn, or you want to register (second option), select the third radio button, "Bestellen ohne Anmeldung" (order without registration). Click "Buchung fortsetzen" (continue booking).

Filling out this form should be intuitive.

Click "Bestellen" to finish ordering.