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Austria, Prague, and German National Parks


On May 15th I will fly to Munich for 15 days. I have already been to a lot of places in Bavaria, but I've never been to the Czech Republic and only briefly in the old East Germany. I've been on portions of the Alpenstrasse, but not the part from Berchtesgaden to the Inn. I'll call this my Czech trip, because I will be spending nine day either in the Czech Republic or a short distance from the border.

This is my itinerary:
  • May 15: Arrive at MUC. Train to Freilassing for 1 night. Find Data Sim card at Pennymarkt.
  • May 16: Train via Salzburg to Werfen to see Hohenwerfen Castle. Back to Salzburg and bus to Berchtesgaden (2 nights).
  • May 17: In Berchtesgaden.
  • May 18: Bus along the Alpenstrasse to Frasdorf (1 night).
  • May 19: By train to Zwiesel (3 nights), in the Bayerischer Wald (Bavarian Forest) Nat. Park.
  • May 20: In Zwiesel.
  • May 21: In Zwiesel.
  • May 22: Zwiesel to Prague by train (2 nights).
  • May 23: In Prague.
  • May 24: By train from Prague to Bad Schandau in the Sächsische Schweiz Nat. Park.
  • May 25: In Sächsische Schweiz. See Königstein.
  • May 26: In Sächsische Schweiz. Day trip to Dresden.
  • May 27: In Sächsische Schweiz. See Bastei.
  • May 28: Train from Bad Schandau to Freising (Munich).
  • May 29: Fly back to Denver.
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Hohenwerfen castle was on a mountainside across the valley from the grass slope where Marie first starting teaching the children to sing (Do-Re-Mi) in Sound of Music.
Hohenaschau castle is in Aschau, on the Alpenstrasse, almost to Frasdorf.

Schloss HohenwerfenMap of the eastern AlpenstrasseHohenaschau
Click here to see a larger image. Click here to see a larger image.

Along with the Bohemian Forest on the Czech side of the border, the Bayerischer Wald forms the largest continuously forested area in Europe.
The Sächsische Schweiz National Park, just east of Dresden, near the intersection of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, is kind of like Bryce and Zion in this country, but with trees. The soft limestone has eroded, littering the park with finger-like rock formations, like the Bastei (bastion, in German), and flat-topped mesas, like the one on which Fortress Königstein is built.

Click here to see a larger image. Click here to see a larger image.

My report of the trip will start here with Week one.